Understanding – A Fundamental Problem

Written by Jon

With the challenges we face, it truly seems like a rather uphill task. The worst is when the battle seems to be on that we are fighting all on our own.s

It’s not easy for others to comprehend what we experience, our thoughts, our actions even. Time and time again, it would seem to them that we are acting out. We appear to be in a world on our own. That what we do contradicts what we appear to feel or express.

The worst it when words, uttered in the heat of the moment, cut deep into the soul. 

I have experienced such, and I believe that some may find similarities:

1. It’s all in your head

2. What’s wrong with you? Get a grip!

3. You need to change your mindset. 

4. At least it’s not a disease or something terminal

I’ve had someone I trusted, someone I love, say to me, ‘well, you’ve changed. You’ve gone distant. I can’t be with you anymore.’ Another told me that I’m such a handful and exhausting.

That feeling of despair, like looking down a pitched-black hole, rushes to you in a fury of wings.

And this is why it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. People may find it hard to understand but believe me, there are those that do.

You need to seek out your support and not let it get to you. Easier said than done of course; I’ve been there. But it’s these people who will lift you up, give you the strength you need to barrel on.

One thing I’ve learnt – you need to cut these negative people out of your lives, even if it’s just temporary. Things that do not edify, slip them out of your lives. 

This is a journey that only you can take and having your pillar is so so important; it makes life just that much easier and you will be victorious.