"I’m All About Growth Mindset"

Written by Kate

I am a former member of H.O.P.E. Alliance and I took a mental break from it for self-care before I renewed my membership. During that break, I've learned plenty of strategies to avoid avoiding things altogether, especially when I am in distress. I have plenty of diagnoses in my hands and I believe that I am NOT my diagnosis.

I renewed my membership after my past therapist reprogrammed my brain to be the confident self that the definition of healing for me, is not being happy all the time. It's how I'm constantly being equipped for an emotional support system, managing holistic wellbeing, and learning to feel great every day even if it's just a little! I, however, am still in the process of not being ashamed of my own emotions and rebuilding my self-confidence step by step.

I would know I have healing sensations when I am developing my thoughts pattern of...

"I have... I can... I want... I deserve... Those negative thoughts aren't accurate..." Because I allow myself to be lively and anyway, aside from my diagnosis... I'm no hero but I have always known to be that ball of sunshine of the group, the energetic one who likes to be around people and spreading my cheerfulness to others. I am now on social media, sharing my relaxing techniques through creative outlooks to those who have trouble relaxing and cultivating relaxation together for grounding. I just hope one day I can accept any challenges life throws at me and thrive in uncertainty.

*Name have been changed to protect anonymity.