• Your interviews

    Whether you’ve been to a few interviews or none at all, we’ll take you through all the key things you need to know.

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    Getting an interview is a great achievement. It means you have made a good impression and the employer wants to meet you to find out what you can offer them.
    Each employer chooses how they want to interview people.

    This could include a:

    • Telephone interview – often used once applications have been received to confirm details and ask some basic questions. If you are successful, you would be invited for a one-to-one interview
    • One-to-one interview – this is just you and the employer
    • Panel interview – you meet with a number of people from the company who will all ask questions
    • Presentation – you will be given a subject to present to one or more people. Some companies ask you to talk about something random while others will want you to talk about ideas relating to the job you want. To make your presentation as effective as possible, follow these steps:
      • Set out your aims clearly
      • Take enough time to prepare and practice
      • Use a clear, confident speaking voice
      • Practice on a friend or family member and ask them for feedback.
  • Find out more

    These are our tips to prepare you for the interview

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    Types of interview

    There are different types of interviews. The more you know about them the better you can prepare.

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    Preparing for the interview

    With the right preparation you could be successful, but how do you go about preparing for the big day?

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    Planning for your first day at work

    Planning your first day at work and being organised can help prevent some of this anxiety.