• In the workplace

    Sometimes we all feel stressed, unable to cope at work or simply want to chat about something that’s on our mind.

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    Building and maintaining good working relationships with people at work are important.

    These include:

    • Team members
    • Your manager
    • Customers or clients
    • Project team members
    • HR colleagues.
    Here are some things to help you build relationships at work:
    • Focus on your communication, listening and confidence skills
    • Show your appreciation when someone supports you
    • Give feedback
    • Remaining focused on the job you need to do
    • It’s great to have friends at work but have clear boundaries for these
    • Don’t get distracted by the people around you, so that you can focus on your job
    • Avoid gossip and office politics
    • Talk to colleagues openly and honestly.

    Strengthening relationships


    You may find some working relationships challenging or difficult.
    When this happens try to:
    • Be professional and polite
    • Make an effort to get to know them
    • Focus on what you have in common rather than your differences
    • Remember, not all relationships will be perfect but try to make it workable.