• Therapy & Counselling

    "We are here to work with you to assess your situation and formulate a treatment plan that benefits you"
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    Counselling & Psychotherapy

    Our registered counselors and psychotherapists provide individual and group psychotherapy services to help individuals with psychological, emotional and behavioral concerns.


    We are here to work with you to assess your situation and formulate a treatment plan that benefits you. Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or childhood traumas, we can help you to manage your challenges and symptoms.


    Consider booking an appointment if you:

    • Have mental health concerns and are seeking professional help
    • Would like formal assessment and therapy services tailored to your specific mental health diagnosis or mental health concerns 

    We provide a complimentary first session to get to know you better and to allow you to decide to see if our services work for you.

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    Couple Therapy

    Relationship Coaching/Counselling is an ongoing professional relationship that helps singles and couples produce extraordinary outcomes in their committed relationships. It is a partnership between a coach and a single/couple that focuses on possibilities, capitalizes on strengths and outcomes in greater fulfillment. Through the process of coaching, your partner and you can define a vision of a fulfilling relationship and implement a plan of action to achieve the shared vision.


    Relationship Coaching will help you become clear about what you really want in your relationship; what would make you truly happy, and then decide what you can do to make it happen.


    Relationship Coaching will help you to:

    • Become clear about what you really want in your relationship
    • Discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve in your relationship
    • Encourage you to discover your strengths and internal resources in enhancing your relationship
    • Elicit positive strategies and solutions
    • Hold you responsible and accountable to achieve your relationship goals
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    Teen/Youth Counselling & Coaching

    Teen/Youth Counselling & Coaching is a collaborative partnership with a coach in a thought-provoking and creative process to achieve your personal and academic goals.


    Being a teenager is tough. Teenagers struggle to figure out who they are, what they want, and how they fit in. Teenagers are going through a time of unprecedented stresses in school; the internet and the media expose young people to more ideas and concepts than any previous generation has ever known; cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are now more freely available. Our young people are struggling in this challenging society.


    Teen/Youth Counselling & Coaching helps you to:

    • Discover your true identity
    • Set short-term and long-term goals
    • Discover your strengths and talents
    • Understand and manage your emotions
    • Fine-tune your academic and organizational skills
    • Learn ways to stay healthy and balanced in your life
    • Make informed decisions about how to best manage stress
    • Learn more about yourself and your relationship with others
    • Identify your career and education options consistent with your personality style (DISC Personality Profiling) and interests (Strong Interest Inventory)
    • Empower you to discover a healthy balance in your life, gain confidence, prioritize goals and improve relationships
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