• Mental Health Coaching for Recovery (MHCR)

    "A mental health recovery coach will help you to create your own vision for recovery"
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    Mental Health Coaching for Recovery (MHCR)

    Mental Health Coaching is an evidence-based intervention focused on a person-centred approach and strengths-based support for youths and adults living with emotional and mental challenges.

    A mental health coach helps the clients develop healthy balance in life, give guidance in decision making, offer support in navigating mental health challenges, and assistance in establishing a wellness recovery plan. A mental health coach helps you to manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression — all of which bolsters mental health.

    A mental health coach will help you to create your own vision for recovery, define your personal goals, identify your strengths and abilities, and partner with you to work towards these goals. A mental health recovery coach also help you find resources for professional care and intervention and family support and education.

    A mental health coach uses a partnership model wherein you are considered to be the expert on your life, you are the one who decides what is worth doing, while the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change. Coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the client, not just recovery-related goals. Mental health coaching emphasizes honouring values and making informed-based decisions, creating a clear action plan, and using unique strengths to reach your future goals. The mental health coach provides accountability to help you stay on track and equip you with the knowledge and skills around medication, effective medication tapering strategies and integrative approach to achieve your recovery goals.

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