H.O.P.E. Alliance Membership

H.O.P.E. Alliance is a peer-led community that believes that anyone can recover and everyone can support. Our activities aim to promote recovery by improving mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness, and are co-created by peers and professionals.

Membership fee

S$20 per year

Membership benefits

  • Access to a community of peers, caregivers, and affiliates to share their mental health experiences and journey.
  • Free access to:
    1. Peer Learning Circles (monthly peer-led workshops covering topics such as social skills, emotional regulation, happiness and more)
    2. Life Skills Workshops
    3. Peer-run Activity and Interest Groups (Sports and wellness, Creative arts, Music and more!)
  • Discounted rates for therapy, coaching and counseling services

All are welcome to attend up to 3 events before deciding if being a member of our community works for you.


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