Lived Experience of PMHI Joy Zhu an Associate Trainer with H.O.P.E. Alliance.

Lived Experience of PMHI Joy Zhu, an Associate Trainer with H.O.P.E. Alliance

Joy Zhu met Vincent Soo at motivational speaker Nick Vijujic’s seminar on 30 July 2016 in Singapore. 

Ms. Joy Zhu

She had depression and had previously attempted suicide. She did not know her aspirations in life, but wanted help in figuring them out. After a complimentary consultation with Mr. Soo, she engaged him to coach and mentor her.

Through the coaching sessions, Mr. Soo helped her to discover her unique strengths and gain clarity of her direction. He identified her talent and avid interest in art, and asked her to visualize her goal.

Joy wanted to teach others to draw but she felt disheartened that she did not have the skills and experience.

So Mr. Soo guided her in cultivating art techniques, and helped her gain confidence to conduct her first art session with H.O.P.E. Alliance members.

After organizing 3-4 workshops, Joy received constant feedback. Through these workshops, she has gained a lot of confidence.

Her strong desire to learn propelled her to pick up Zentangle art, conducted by a certified Zentangle trainer. Encouraged by Mr. Soo, Joy flew to U.S.A. to do a professional certification and is now a certified Zentangle teacher.

As of 24th June 2018, Joy is an associate trainer with H.O.P.E. Alliance.

Follow Joy’s art journey on Facebook at Gift of Joy.

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