H.O.P.E. Alliance is a Social Enterprise registered with Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). We support, equip and empower peers (persons with mental health issues) to manage their challenges, be self-reliant and excel using their unique strengths.

We aim to establish the authentic identity of our peers and help regain their dignity so that they will live a purposeful life.

We integrate coaching techniques, psychotherapy, and psychology as our core methodology to develop our signature strengths-based recovery coaching programmes, individual and group therapy sessions.

Our Vision is to create a healthy and safe community that promotes recovery and provides support for peers.




C – Collaboration:

We partner with the peers, caregivers, other mental health agencies and other strategic partners to build a healthy community.

O – Optimism:

We promote hope and gratitude in our community.

R – Resilience:

We equip the individuals with the life skills to bounce back from adversity.

E – Empowerment:

We encourage active participation of the peers to achieve their personal recovery goals.


peers emotionally and socially in their journey of recovery.


peers with relevant life skills to manage their challenges and struggles.


peers to be self-reliant and to excel using their unique strengths.

Keep track

of their progress in their recovery journey.

Peers are the SEEKers of their own recovery journey.

Anyone can Recover

Everyone can Support


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Meetings & Activities

We help our peers from recovery to job reintegration.

The team behind

Hope Alliance

Vincent Soo

Strengths Architect | Positive Psychotherapist | Positive Psychology Coach | Mental Health Recovery Coach | Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist MSocSc (Counselling), BA (Psychology)

Vincent Soo is the Founder and Managing Director of H.O.P.E. Alliance LLP. He integrates coaching and therapy to work with individuals to activate their identity, discover their purpose, ignite their passion and maximise their potential to live a flourishing life. Over the last 15 years, Vincent has counselled, coached, trained and mentored many children, youths, young adults, couples and parents including those with depression, anxiety issues and other mental health issues.

He is also facilitating a peer support group and organising a meetup group to provide hope, help, support and education to improve the lives of people who have depression and other mood disorders. He also helps the single and couple peers to navigate their relationship challenges and establish great relationships with the significant people in their lives.

Our Associates

Peter Gan

Clinical Counsellor & Psychotherapist | B.Sc., M.Sc (Chemistry) | MSocSc (Counselling), Grad. Dipl. (Clinical & Counselling Psychology)

Peter Gan has 7 years of experience in clinical counselling at psychiatric nursing homes in Singapore. He received the Volunteer Healthcare Humanity Award 2019 for his volunteer counselling work in improving functional recovery and social integration for persons with schizophrenia. Peter is also a volunteer Clinical Counsellor at a church.

Peter has been trained in mindfulness based psychotherapy. His counselling modality is an integrative practice of mindfulness-based psychological interventions with combined elements drawn from ACT, CFT, DBT, MBCT and Schema therapy. Peter’s interests are to support people in emotional distress with psychological counselling for functional recovery and to minimize hospitalizations & relapses; supporting psycho-education for community to have a better understanding of mental health and reducing the social stigma of mental illness.

Adelyn Lee

Accredited Play Therapist | Filial Play Coach

Adelyn is an Accredited Play Therapist, Filial Play Coach and Clinical Supervisor with Play Therapy International and the founder of Pandora Box Play Therapy. Adelyn strongly believes in the power of play not just in the lives of children but also in adults too. Her personal experiential learning from her play therapy training further reinforces her belief in the benefits of play for every individual. Hence, she is passionate to help children and adults to find themselves through play. Adelyn also conducts mental well-being workshops in schools, corporate and community organisation with Creative Arts and Play.

Play therapy offers children and adults a safe and accepting place for them to explore and strengthen their inner self through play. We can learn how to express ourselves better; to accept, acknowledge and embrace our emotions; increase our self-esteem and self-confidence; and build stronger self-awareness and resilience in finding our own ways to cope with difficult times through play. We can play out our real-life challenges through the play tool kits provided (e.g. sand play or expressive art etc.) and learn how to cope on our own.

Marie Ang


Marie’s passion is helping people to understand themselves better, to turn head knowledge into wisdom and to excel in career, relationship and life. She is the founder of Solomon’s Guild and it is an association of like-minded business and community leaders who believe in using our knowledge, experience and influence to equip people live a significant life.

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