Music Fest of Hope

31 August 2019
3PM – 6PM 
A Good Space (NVPC@The Central)

The Music Fest ended on a high note! Thank you for supporting us and being a part of the Hope celebration.

Special thanks to our rising talents who made the event memorable with their heartfelt songs and dances.


Peer and Community
Performers Empowered


Human Library Stories of


 People from the
Community Touched


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Music Fest of Hope

“We wanted to create a platform where our rising talents could be empowered to share their stories of struggle and strength. It is heartening to see the performers bravely share their mental health recovery journey, and such a positive reaction from the public. Special thanks goes out to our volunteer team who ensured the success of the event.” 

~ Fari Wu / EverythingHertzSG 


“I could sense the strong communal spirit of the participants and it was very uplifting. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to share as I’ve always wanted to help but didn’t really know how to go about it as I’m not a professional in mental-health related industries.”

Betty Kang, fan voi dancer

“It’s to my great happiness to see so many talented peers among us. I really appreciate
the chance I to perform… I was nervous but made it through in the end. Through sharing my
experience with others, it allows me to have self recognition.”

Uen Fang, singer



Thanks to our special guest stars:

  • Nigel Ng from Doorsing Selective Mutism
  • Lu Tian Wei from Beautiful Mind Charity
  • Aaron Aloysious Music
  • Bellydance Haven
  • Aliyah Yuting
  • Betty Kang

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