Peer Contribution: Begin Again

Peer Contribution: Begin Again

A Poem by MysticPaperPoet

Morning sun takes overnight
waking up with lights too bright
she stays in bed to keep her warm
listening to the thunderstorm

She starts her morning,
slow and sweet,
every day the same repeat.
ready to leave, she turns the key
holds her breath and counts to three.

walking slowly she starts to dread,
why was she wishing she was dead?
she tries to push her thoughts aside
hoping she can let it slide.

long was morning, came day’s end
yet she could not comprehend
yet she could not understand
why everything was out of hand

walking the path home as she pondered,
“Will I ever be worth it?” she starts to wonder.
she turns the knob,
home sweet home,
feeling like a bag of bones.

She couldn’t fight it anymore
she wasn’t as strong as before
she takes the bottle and starts to count
she knows it’s not the same amount
taking each pill one by one
for now, she has become undone.

dead inside was how she felt
knowing she can never heal
as she plops it in her mouth
an angel came in flying south
” please don’t do this” the angel cried
“understand that you have tried”

” I’ve tried too hard and I am tired
“take my life ” she desired
“I can’t do that,” the angel said,
“for you are too young to be dead,
please be wise and use your head
and learn to love yourself instead.”

her eyes opened, she saw a white light,
the angel now nowhere in sight
was this heaven? she hoped it was
but it cannot be because

she heard it beeping very loud
she knows she’s still alive
her family is all around,
she thought she won’t survive
then, she hears her mother’s voice
oh, the sweetest sound.

” you were lying on the floor
as I opened up the door”
” don’t you ever do that again,
for I’ll never let you go”
She reaches her mother’s hand,
oh, how she missed it so.

Tears streamed down her face,
as she felt her mother’s gaze
“I’m sorry mum, I went astray
“I love you mum, don’t go away”

Morning sun takes overnight,
but now she loves the morning light
putting everything behind
for she was once so lost and blind

She then remembered what the angel said
about learning to love herself instead
and now with that inside her head,
she knows that she can begin again.

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