1-to-1 Peer Support

Our NCSS-certified Peer Support Specialists are people who have lived through the experience of recovery from mental illness and come out stronger.

Wherever you might be in your life journey, we are here to be present with you, listen to you, share in a mutual way and explore options together. Most importantly, we make it about your journey and what works best for you.

Consider booking an appointment if you:

  • Are seeking help for the first time and want to speak to someone who’s been through the process
  • Are on your recovery journey and seeking community support or a listening ear

What you can expect from us:

  • Be fully present and listen to you in an objective manner
  • Explore your strengths, dreams and aspirations
  • Share with you our life experiences and journey
  • Discuss options and resources for your wellness

Peer Support Specialists do not provide therapy or counseling. If you are seeking therapy and counseling services, please consider booking an appointment with our professional therapists.

We provide a complimentary first session to get to know you better, and to allow you to decide see if our services work for you.



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